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All over the world humanity is waking up to their Divinity.  All nations, kindreds, and tongues are embracing The Truth of our "being" here and how to master who we are.  Here are some communities to learn about our True origins and how it's been hidden from us.
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: Taking-Control of Your World.

: NOTE FROM THE CHIEF,: Hello-Quantum-Patriots, For the first-step in the QUANTUM-BANKING-SYSTEM IS with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT of your journey, but, WHY? In the year-~1999, UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Came-out of a third &: final: INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY, Which, You-will-learn-on in the FILM: LAST-FLAG-STANDING.COM. For the consequences of that third &: final: INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY-ENDING, Creates-scenarios, that, Every-Citizen, WASN’T-READY-FOR &: NEVER-KNEW! For these scenarios of the ENDING-AUTHORIZATIONS ARE with the corporate-structures of the FORMER: UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Such as the ENDING-BIRTH-CERTIFICATE-SYSTEM of the UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  : Since, EVERY-CITIZEN IS, STILL-participating with their BIRTH-CERTIFICATE in the structuring with every construct of their lives, Such …

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...:~0. By Letters Patent enacted by Us we will reign in perpetuity as the only living Crown on the earth plain and extend the provisions of our [a]ctions and authority to administer Justice and Lore/Law in Aotearoha[New Zealand] as the Mauri Crown Paremata[Parliament] & Te Whare Runanga[Government] thereof and for other purposes enacted from time to time issued under the 'Great Seal of the Crown-of-the-Mauri-Nation' to exercise powers hereby vested in Us to erect the said islands of Aotearoha [New Zealand] North Island/South Island/Stewart Island/Islands annexured to Aotearoha [New Zealand/Norfolk Island and Gondwannaland [Australia] and to make all such laws, ordinances, instructions as we see fit;... (see website)